A conversation on acid.

This is a video of a candid meeting at Leary’s home with many notable figures of the early days of LSD research. Filmed in the 1970’s or early 1980’s. The conversation is on LSD.

Aesthetic Cinema

Japan (1955)

Amazing footage of Tokyo shot in the GINZA district, Filmed in 1955. Provides an amazing insight to how culture changes and develops. This footage is not in the public domain.

Aesthetic Cinema


Over 2 hours of WWF episodes from 1993 Featuring a lot of surreal moments in time. 10/10 ASMR vibe.

Aesthetic Cinema

VHS: COPS 911 (1995)

Vhs rip of COPS. ACAB but this is some A+ nostalgia and 10/10 ASMR.

Aesthetic Cinema


Aesthetic Cinema


Wtf is this highly DANK playlist? Snoop x Stone cold?? What world are we living in…


1. D-Generation X Theme “The Kings” – Run DMC
2. Mankind Theme “Wreck” – Kool Keith & O.D.B.
3. The Rock Theme “Know Your Role” – Method Man
4. Stone Cold Steve Austin Theme “Hell Yeah” – Snoop & W.C.
5. Vince Mcmahon Theme “No Chance” – Redman & Rock of Heltah Skeltah feat. Peanut Butter Wolf
6. Gangrel Theme “I Won’t Stop” – C‐Murder feat. Magic
7. Kane Theme “Big Red Machine” – Tha Eastsidaz
8. Chris Jericho Theme “Break Down The Walls” – RA The Rugged Man
9. New Age Outlaws Theme “You Ain’t Hard” – Bas Azz & Techniec
10. The Godfather Theme “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy” – Ice‐T
11. Triple H Theme “Game” – Mystikal & Ras Kaas
12. The Big Show Theme “Big” – Mack 10, K‐Mac & Boo Kapone feat. MC Eiht
13. The Undertaker Theme “Ministry” – Dame Grease presents Meeno

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